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Academic Calendar for the 2017-2018 Year

Check on the Scholarship Page to see what Scholarships are available in the guidance office.

The Virginia Department of Education has worked closely with a number of organizations to provide information of educational importance to military families residing in Virginia.
Student & Family Services for Military Familes

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Seniors and parents who wish to obtain a pin number for the FASFA can do so at

School Schedule Changes:
Call the County's hotline at this number to get updated information: 452-9181.
You may also be enlisted in the Alert Now system to be informed of schedule changes or other announcements.

The County Web page has a Resource page for Parents. Please visit the link below. This link provides many important documents and policy outlines that may be useful for parents.
Scott County Schools Parent Resources

Pacing Guides
Biology I
Math 8 Algebra 1, Part 1
Algebra 2 Algebra 1, Part 2
Geograhpy Sixth Grade Band
World History High School Band
English 8

Helpful SOL Links!

Jefferson Lab SOL Review

Virginia SOL Practice Tests

Interactive SOL Quizzes

Glencoe Online Textbooks

The formal grading system for Scott County is as follows:

Grading Scale

*New* If
a student is taking a credit class, then he or she must take a 9 week test. It is counted for 10% of the grade.
If a student is in an SOL class, the SOL score is now on a grading scale that will be used as a 9 week test grade.

TN/VA Scholar:
* 4 English Courses
    * 4 Math (Alg. I, II, Geometry + one)
    * 3 Sciences (Bio + 2)
    * 3 Social Studies
    * 1 Computer Related
    * 1 Wellness
    * 1 Fine Arts
    * 2 Foreign Languages (same lang.)

    * 2 Technical Course (same track)
    * 2 Career Technical Courses (computer class may count as 1 CTE credit)
OR * AP courses "above and beyond standance TN/VA scholars requirements
OR * Duel Enrollment, Dual Credit, Joint Enrollment or online courses
OR * Any combination of two above.

Same requirements as TN/VA except you don't have to have both foreign lang. the same.
Additional Expectations
1. 80 Hrs of community service (TN/VA)
2. 20 hrs of community service (AIMS higher)
3. Overall "C" minimum in all of the courses
4. 95% Attendance (36 days max)
5. No OSS
6. Successful Passing of EOC Exams.